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Subject line: Why You Must Audio or Video Podcast RIGHT NOW More Than Ever!

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Please attend Mike Stewart’s new webinar on the importance for building your business
online presence with Podcasting now more than ever before!

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We have witnessed how internet audio and video has built world
wide businesses and helped colleagues/clients become millionaires
from marketing with audio, video and blogging for over 10 years.

Podcasting has been around that long, but there were problems
for users back then. It was hard to understand how to do and complicated
for users to get the audio or video on their limited choice of mp3 players.
You just couldn’t tune it in like radio or TV.


These 3 big reasons that changed everything:

1. Mobile internet – the transistor radio of today
is the smartphone. Viewers & listeners can tune in
your radio or TV station (WordPress blog done right)
in the palm of their hand & hear your content & commercials.
2. It is never been easier, cheaper and more portable to
produce amazing content than it is today because of some
amazing apps and hardware we reveal in this presentation
3. All cars will now have internet 4G access in the dashboard,
meaning people can consume your great content during drive time,
the money making sweet spot of radio since the first radio was
installed in the dashboard of a car.

Everyday more and more people subscribe to Podcasts,
to listen or watch great programming that you could create
if you just knew what steps to take. They don’t watch NBC, CBS,
& CNN like I did, They subscribe to Netflix, Spotify, Pandora,
Hulu, and could subscribe to you if you knew how to create content
and made it available in the Podcast directories, like iTunes.
(iTunes is a massive search engine of cell phones, are you in there?)

So join us for an always entertaining and educational presentation on why Podcasting now can be thing to push your business to the next
level for pennies and very little effort.

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Live attendees get more than those who see the recorded replay,
but to get replay, you must register, so do that even if you can’t
make it live. But my hope is you attend live!

And oh yes, iPad or iPhone not required,
but after you see this presentation, you will see why the new apps
and hardware that only run on those devices make it foolish to refuse
to get these tools. Whey I call this presentation Tablet Podcasting!

See you the webinar.

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To your success,
Mike Stewart